Create housing  for 5 to 50 persons monthly

Housing 55 to 555 families by Thanksgiving 2020

Buy Into New Jersey real estate(  

in partnership with

N.E.V.E.R. H.A.P.P.I.E.R Inc

Build Alliance to End Homelessness

Raise homelessness crisis awareness. 



Recycle and relocate

It is said that there was an increase of homelessness in New York by 4.1%. We believe it resulted from expensive rent rates and lack of housing. The City of New York  is offering to pay homeless individuals/families a year's worth of rent if they leave town (  Why not take them over the bridge after acquiring zombie houses in New Jersey which will be rehabbed and turn renters into owners? 3,000+ vacant and abandoned properties exist in just two of the cities in Essex county, NJ, an indication that there's plenty of room to grow.


Job Programs


Renovation of the homes consists of many components (i.e. landscaping, interior design, plumbing) many job opportunities will become available for insuring a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those who will be helped by our program. We will provide support for those with strong interest and desire for permanent change, opening doorways and setting them on paths to success.


Frequent "pop-up restaurants" will be organized in New York and New Jersey, offering warm meals to the homeless. A four-course meal experience consisting of soup, salad, an entree, dessert and inspirational support, will nourish bodies, minds, and souls while also providing internship opportunities for aspiring chefs.