GRE360 Program Offerings

GRE360 Realty is a 360° focused approach to assisting anyone to achieve their goals using proven real estate, investment, and coaching tools. Whether you’re a tenant looking to become a first-time homeowner, a landlord needing to reduce maintenance and tenant woes, or an investor in need of constructive planning to make the leap to the next earning plateau, GRE360 Realty can help you.


Home Buyer Education Course

Our 8 Hour HUD Approved Home Buyer Education Course includes a confidential one on one home ownership counseling meeting with one of our HUD Certified Advisers.

100% Flip Funding Program

100% Flip Funding Program Covers:
100% of the Purchase Price and
100% of the Rehab Costs.

Yes, BOTH! -Leaving more money in your pocket

We also assist in providing funding
Long Term 30 Year Loans for Rentals, tax free Cash Out Refis, New Construction and more. Very Competitive!




  • Three 90 minute sessions with you and your partner with an well established, high producing agent and entrepreneur.

Monthly subscription follow ups available.

Attend live training and growth events at discounted rates.

Straight into investing

  • Credit of 680+ w/ $35k job 2 years is all you need to begin making your money work for you.


  • Deal writing

No credit, no job, no experience, Contracts in 72 hours


Buying Into New Jersey

  • Make profits, build community, and help the homeless in a unique hybrid program. High ROIs while simultaneously improving communities in New York City and New Jersey .